Why Us?

The average bookkeeper provides the numbers but little analysis; and the average accountant charges high fees but provides little extra value. With Stream Accounting, a proven approach to managing your key business data makes life easier without the high fees. The health, scalability and growth of your business is the prime goal:

  • Streamline
    We work on your financial processes so that they provide accurate, real-time numbers.
  • Analyse
    We work with the numbers to identify where business improvements can be made.
  • Grow
    We work with you on recommendations for growing the business to achieve your strategic goals.

This all adds up to a business that knows where it’s flowing to. And a business owner with more time to enjoy newfound freedom, growing the business without fretting over the financial details.


12 Things You Can Do Today to Start Improving Cash Flow Tomorrow

DataSTREAM Services

Make sure effective financial systems and data-gathering processes are in place and up to date: accurate, real-time numbers helping you make more informed decisions about your business for better compliance and healthier cash flow:

  • Financial processes & systems
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • BAS

RevenueSTREAM Services

Help your business become all it can be: improve cash flow, grow revenues, and prepare for the future with active, ongoing business analysis, performance management, and proven business-growth strategies:

  • Management reporting
  • Business planning
  • Cashflow management
  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Accountability meetings
  • KPI improvement coaching
  • Organisational review

Improving the flow in your business

Data-flow. Cash flow. Businesses run best when there is a healthy flow of both.

Without clarity about the real numbers in your business, how can you make informed decisions about the future? Since 2015, from Newcastle, we’ve been helping Australian small business owners get clear on their key business data – and working with them to improve cash flow and grow their businesses based on accurate, real-time numbers. It usually starts with a conversation about bookkeeping. From there, we’ll help you plot a course for the future, preparing the bed-rock to carry your own “stream” to where it needs to get to – rather than simply drifting with the tide.

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What’s next?

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