Flexible Bookkeeping Services For Australian Business

At Stream Accounting, we help business owners like you save time and money by doing your strategic bookkeeping for you — so you can focus on growing your business

Here's how to get started with our team:

1. Get in contact

Call or email us to enquire about how we can help you and your business

If you email, you will hear back from us within 24 hours.

2. Discovery Call

We will meet via Zoom to recommend the best solution for you and present an instant proposal and price.

3. Sign up and get started

Once signed on, you will meet with your Client Manager to get the process started which will allow us to begin our bookkeeping services.

You went into business to achieve financial freedom

You work too hard not to be rewarded for it

This is how we can help:

Step 1. We establish and manage best practice bookkeeping systems

Without well defined and managing bookkeeping systems, the whole process of managing your business can fall apart.

During our initial meetings with you, we will define and document your current processes and recommend and implement our best practice systems.

We then manage this process on a weekly basis to ensure you have up to date and real-time numbers, ensure your debtors and creditors are up to date and ensure your employees and suppliers are paid.

Knowing exactly where your business stands on an ongoing basis is vital for you to ensure your tax, GST and super doesn’t build up and that you’re really making a profit each month.

Our bookkeeping services using Xero are designed to save you time and take the pain out of getting everything together. Make sure effective financial systems and data-gathering processes are in place and up to date: accurate, real-time numbers helping you make more informed decisions about your business for better compliance and healthier cash flow.

Step 2. We help you understand your numbers

We will help you stay on track to achieve your goals.

A monthly Management Report provides a snapshot of your results, forcing you to take time out from working in your business to get perspective of your financial position and determine the best actions for improvement.

We then work with a number of clients where, on either a monthly or quarterly basis, we act as a sounding board and independent party to ask you the hard questions about the drivers and the results.

This focuses your mind, allows you to form a clear Action Plan to improve results, and then increases your chances of success because you know you need to report in to us next time.

Step 3. We help you establish a profitability and cash flow improvement plan and assist you in executing the actions

Once both Steps 1 and 2 are in place and being managed, we can move onto Step 3.

In an initial meeting, we will help you:

1. Calculate your cash conversion cycle

2. Determine strategies you can implement to improve your cash flow and profit

3. Use our calculators to demonstrate the impact these strategies can have on your cash position and profit

4. Identify actions you should take to implement agreed strategies

5. And ultimately, create a Cash Flow Management Plan

In subsequent meetings, we will help you:

1. Review the implementation of the recommended strategies

2. Review the impact this has had on your cash flow and profit

3. Determine the next greatest impact strategies that can help you improve your cash flow and profit

4. Use our calculators to demonstrate the impact these strategies can have on your cash position and profit

5. Identify how you can implement these strategies to achieve your improvement targets

6. Update your Cash Flow Management Plan

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